Artist Statement

The work I create is an exploration of my insecurities and the feeling of duality.

Two decades ago, I came to America as an immigrant. I adopted a new name for the convenience of the English speakers around me and so I would feel like less of an outsider. For many years, I was willing to lose my identity to feel more included.

After studying Film and Animation in college, I began to reconnect with my past and try to understand my potential future. Although I can comfortably call this place my home, I still can’t help but feel unwelcome during difficult times in our country. This feeling pushes me to create.

The artwork itself is cut and woven by hand. I believe a physical connection to the materials adds a layer of personality to the work, even if it has flaws. I use the weaving process to deconstruct and reconstruct images to create a sense of time and movement.

Sometimes I think that if I stand at just the right angle, I can gaze into the sliver between two parallel universes to see the distortion of time and motion. I imagine it much like a video glitch in-between frames.

Collaboration with Alex Eckman-Lawn

©Jason Chen Photography - 2021 - Philadelphia, PA